Dear campers, families and supporters of Land of Sunshine Camp Cedarbrook,


It has been our privilege and joy for LOSCC to minister to you for more than 33 years through a wide variety of fun weekend and life impacting summer camps.  Our desire has been to embody an Inward-Outward-Upward philosophy: helping campers better understand, appreciate and use their God-given abilities, teaching campers to work, play with and value one another, and exposing campers to the love of Christ and the truth of His word.  Indeed, we have sought to ‘change lives forever, one camper at a time.’


Over the past few years, LOSCC has unfortunately experienced a decline in camp attendance.  This has resulted in growing financial challenges to the ministry.


As stewards of the resources and blessings God has entrusted with camp, the LOSCC Board of Directors has therefore announced that all normal camp operations, including summer camp 2017 and subsequent weekend events, have been immediately suspended.


Between now and December 1, the Board will seek to reorganize LOSCC.  We welcome your prayers, comments and suggestions regarding this effort.


In His Service,


LOSCC Board of Directors

Bill Rohr (Lion), Bruce Van Wert (Blackhawk), Joe Santerelli (Raven)