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Accredited by the American Camp Association

Member of the Association of Cedarbrook Camps

Who We Are

1. We are an interdenominational Christ-centered camp striving to teach aaaand model "Christ in every aspect of life"
2. One of 15 Cedarbrook camps located across the U.S.
3. Open to all children, youth and adults
4. A non-profit 501(c)3 organization with a volunteer Board of Directors
5. Staffed by volunteers
6. We are required to screen all staff through the Florida Department of aaaChildren and Families
7. We are concerned about safety: every precaution is taken to ensure a aaahealthy stay and a registered nurse is on site daily

Our History

1. 1983 - Established Land O' Sunshine Camp Cherith at Lake Aurora aaaChristian Camp in Lake Wales
2. 1984 - Moved to Young Life's Southwind in Ocklawaha
3. 1985 - Expanded to two weeks of girls' camp
4. 1987 - Received full accreditation by the American Camp Association
5. 1988 - Held a three-day boys' mini-camp
6. 1989 - Moved to Camp Suwannee in Dowling Park with a full week of aaaboys' camp and two weeks of girls' camp
7. 1996 - Added a Father/Daughter weekend
8. 1998 - Added a Mother/Son weekend to our emphasis on families
9. 2004 - Added a third week of girls' camp
10. 2006 - Adopted Policy Governance Board of Directors
11. 2008 - Changed our name to Land O' Sunshine Camp Cedarbrook
12. 2016 - LOSCC program expanded with addition of Boys'/Girls' Parallel Week and Boys' Adventure Camp



“The biggest impact that camp had on me was teaching me confidence in myself and support for others. As a girl who was never very popular in school...” Confidence

“I loved my experiences at camp. The first thing I remember is the beauty and peacefulness of the area...”
Life Skills

“Camp was an oasis for me. Every year I saved up my own money (selling seeds door to door one year, a paper route another year) so that I could go to camp...."

Stability/Right Choices

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