"Changing Lives Forever, One Camper at a Time"


A Changed Life

Camp was an oasis for me. Every year I saved up my own money (selling seeds door to door one year, a paper route another year) so that I could go to camp for more weeks each year. My home situation was a bit tumultuous during that time, and my counselors and fellow campers were my stability.We stayed in touch throughout the year and I "made it through" things by either remembering what I had learned and experienced in the past or looking forward to the next summer when I could be at camp. I know I wasn't always an easy camper to love. But that never diminished the care and love poured out on me by my counselors or my friends. The love of Jesus was made real to me through their concern, through experiencing God's creation, and through the joy of "family" that each cabin or tent became. Eventually I was won over. I made a conscious decision against darkness and for Light. But I know it was God who really did the pursuing and who was the one who held onto me and would not let me go.

Why Choose Us

CILT Memories

Wow! This was another awesome summer at Camp. This year I took part in the CILT (Camper In Leadership Training) program. Since I was a Voyager (who knows how long ago), Mel and I have planned on becoming CILTs.


Why-- at the time, it was the COOLEST thing you could do, but now, I realize that it's more than that-- don't get me wrong, CILT rocked! But there was more to it than just that. I learned a lot (a TON to be more precise). I learned why kids sometimes act the way they do, how to make them feel accepted and comfortable, and how I can help them. I learned that being a good leader requires being a servant, being a CHRISTian is being a "little Christ". Though some of the things that I learned in CILT were simply ideas that have been 're-hashed' through my mind over and over again, they actually sunk in this time. When I applied for CILT this year, my reasoning had changed. I wanted to be a CILT because I knew it would bring me closer to God-- something that I know every Christian desires-- a better relationship with God. CILT gave me that. I learned invaluable lessons from staff members and campers. I learned to avoid distractions and to keep my focus on what it should be on-- God.



“The biggest impact that camp had on me was teaching me confidence in myself and support for others. As a girl who was never very popular in school, I always felt like I could go to camp and be myself and not worry that I "wouldn't fit in" because everybody fits in at camp. The experience taught me to be true to myself and my beliefs and to not feel bad for it. That's something I have carried with me until today and remind myself of on a daily basis.”

Life Skills

“I loved my experiences at camp. The first thing I remember is the beauty and peacefulness of the area. I enjoyed learning how I could have my own quiet time there. I learned so many new things from cooking over a fire to new swimming strokes, skills I still use today.

My daughter comes off the bus from camp asking how many weeks I will let her attend next year. She loves it!”